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Lowboy Trailers For Sale

At Truck and Trailer Sale, we call gooseneck trailers as “Lowboy trailers”. Our lineup consists of many such trailers having different features. The capacities differ & range from 35 to 55 tonnes. Our workmanship is awesome and the components used are of highest quality.

Investing in our lowboy trailers for sale is a good decision and you will never ever repent. Our trailers are self-aligning, self-lifting and hydraulic powered. Easiest hookups are possible with our trailers. Unsurpassed convenience is offered & there is no need of manual detachment at all.

Our trailers are perfect combo of convenience, comfort and power. Our cylinder stroke is high & so, you can easily bring about a rise in the trailer chassis as well.

You can keep on upgrading the models; we also have detachable ones that are just perfect for forestry and construction companies. Since we have a range of options, selection would become easier. Our standard models have all the necessary features.

Our deluxe models have low deck height, heavy duty frames and wide flanges. All our options are economical but the quality is undoubtedly premium. The length and features differ from model to model;’ make sure that you buy the one that your business needs.

2018 Dorsey LB35-33CS Lowboy Trailer

2018 Dorsey LB35-33CS Lowboy Trailer. This lowboy trailer has a 35 ton capacity with an overall length of 45’ and an overall width of 8’6″. The deck length is 26’ and the deck height is 33” Loaded. It has an apitong wood deck flooring-1.5” covering entire deck. The mainbeams are 16″with a fabricated I-Beam with Positive Camber, and the side rails are 12” Fabricated I-Beams  with positive camber. The  Gooseneck is a flat wood deck w/ 21 degree slope. It has Steel & Traction Bars, King Pin: Setting- 18”, 5/16 plate, 84” swing radius, height 48”. Dovetail 4’ Steel with Check Plate & Traction Bars, Loading Ramp Hydraulic- 96” x 36” – Wood Filled, Landing Gear 2-speed – 50,000 lbs, D-Ring 16, Tool Box in Gooseneck, Axle (2) 25,000 lb. capacity with 49” Axle Spacings, Auto Slack, ABS, Supsension Hutchens- 3 Point, 4 Spring- 56,000 lb Capacity, Wheels Disc- Hub Piloted, Tires 235/75R 17.5, Parking Brakes Type 30/30 Spring Brakes – 2 Axle, Wiring DOT Sealed Wiring Harness, Lights LED Pkg- Sealed Lights Rubber Mounted.***$34,770. Includes Federal Excise Tax*** Call David Raney 850-293-6818

2017 Eager Beaver 55 Ton Self-Lifting Detachable Lowboy