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2018 Dorsey EF Extendable Flat Bed Trailer

$42,850. includes Fed Excise Tax*****Brand New 2018 Dorsey EF Extendable Flat Bed Trailer Capacity: 80,000 lbs GVWR Evenly Distributed when Closed, 80,000 lbs Evenly Distributed Over the Kingpin and Running Fear when Extended. Weight: 15,900 lbs +/- 3%, Length: 48’ to 80, Width: 102” Overall Coupler Height: 48” King Pin: Setting 24” Plate: 1/4” Main Beams: Fabricated High Tensile Steel, Flanges: Grade 130 High Tensile Steel, 1/2” x 6” Web: Grade 80 High Tensile Steel, One Piece Rollers: Steel Upper and Lower Rollers, Locking Pins: Air Actuated – Inside Frame Front skirt: Formed Steel with Tapered Corners, Rear Skirt: Formed Steel with Integral Stake Pockets Bumper: US DOT and Transport Canada, Compliant Rear Impact Bumper, Cross Members: 4” Steel I-beam on 12” Centers Cross Member Knee Brace: Fabricated One Piece Steel on 48” Centers Side Rail: 6” Steel Channel Rub Rail: 1/4” x 2 1/2” Steel Stake Pockets: Steel, External Mount, 24” on Center with Double Pipe Spools Floor: 1-1/8” Apitong Hardwood Load Securement: Sliding Winch C-track with 12 Powder Coated Winches – Road Side Mud Flaps: Heavy Duty, White, Anti-spray, Anti-sail Paint: Fully Blasted, Two Part Primer, Two Part Black Urethane, Lighting: Grote LED Sealed Lights, Grote Sealed Wiring Harness in Pin: 2” Holland – AAR, Landing Gear: Jost-Heavy Duty, 2-speed Gear Drive, 140,000 lb Static, Load Capacity, Suspension: Heavy Duty Spring Ride, Axles: Heavy Duty, 25,000 lb. Capacity, ABS Brakes: Bendix, 2S1M, Brakes: 16 1/2” x 7” Quick Change, Hubs: Standard Cast, Hub Piloted, 10-stud Unimount, Oil Lubricated, Brake Drums: Standard Cast, Outboard Mount, Wheels: Hub Piloted Steel, Tires: Double Coin Radials, Custom Lengths, Custom Widths, Lift Axles, Multiple Axle Configurations, Heavy Duty Beam Package, Toolbox(es) Steel or Aluminum, Coil Package, Stub Cross Members Located Between Main Beams and Spaced Between Full Width Cross Members, Inter-modal Container Twist-locks, D Rings, Strobe Lights, Wide Load Lights, Custom Light Package, Hub-odometer, Rear Skirt Fabricated with Heavy Duty, Tail Rollers, Pop-up Rollers on Deck, Tire Inflation System, Bulkhead: Steel or Aluminum.

2018 Dorsey FC48 Flatbed Trailer

2018 DORSEY FC48, 48′ X 102″ combo flat bed trailer. It is a  10’2″ spread axle with a standard beam PKG – 80,000 GVWR (60,000 in 10ft Span). The base weight of this trailer is 10,500 lbs. This trailer has a stainless steel drivers side mounted tool box. It has HD aluminum floors W/ 4 NAILER BOARDS. There are 12 sliding strap winches and 14 pair of recessed chain ties that are evenly spaced. The landing gear is a 2 speed JOST. It has air-ride suspension, hub piloted steel wheels, ABS anti-lock brakes, stake pockets, rubber inboard dock bumpers, and sealed wiring harness w/LED.***$29,350 Includes Federal Excise Tax (FET)*** Call David Raney 850-293-6818

2018 Dorsey AF48 Aluminum Flatbed Trailer

2018 Dorsey AF48 Aluminum Flatbed Trailer with a fixed spread axle and a base weight of 8,800 lbs. It’s capacity  is 80,000 GVWR (52,000 in 4′ Span). The overall length is 48′, and the overall width is 8’6″.  30″ – Tapered Front; UPPER COUPLER PLATE: 1/2″ Aluminum; UPPER COUPLER HEIGHT: 48″; REAR SKIRT: Aluminum; MAIN FRAME: 25″ Fab.-PreCamb. Aluminum I-Beams-(80K Pkg); SIDE RAILS: Extruded Aluminum – “J” Track – Double “L”; COIL HAUL PACKAGE: Yes; WINCH TRACK: Double L Aluminum- Extruded Siderail C/S & R/S- Both Sides; WINCHES: 12 DOUBLE L (+)#75; SUSPENSIONS: Air Ride- Cush – CLT25P – 2 Axle- Bolt On – Fixed; SUSPENSION LOCATION: Set at Rear most Position; AXLES: (2) 22.5K Capacity- Type 30 Chambers- Auto Slacks; AXLE SPACING: 10’2″ Wide Spread LANDING GEAR: Two Speed – Aluminum – 19″ Travel; DUMP VALVE: Elect. -Wired Thru Aux 7way Plug @ Front of Trailer-Dump Rear Axle (+9#); ABS SYSTEM: ABS System 2S/1M; PARKING BRAKES: All Axles; TIRES: 295/75R 22.5- DOUBLE COIN; WHEELS: Disc – Hub Piloted – 22.5 – Aluminum on all 8 wheels – Outside Polished (-296#) ANTI-SAIL MUD FLAPS: Behind Rear Axle; STAKE POCKETS: 24″ O.C. Sides & 3 Across Rear; PIPE SPOOLS: Aluminum – Triangular Spool – Double Sized; RUB BAND ALUM: 3/8″ x 3.25″ – Aluminum – Recessed for DOT Tape; DOCK BUMPERS: Rubber Inboard; “J” HANDLES: 12 – “J” Handles; LIGHTS: Sealed Wiring Harness W/LED Pkg-Micro(2) Front/(2)Rear Sides-3 Ctr Rear.****$34,650 Price Includes Federal Excise Tax (FET)***** Call David Raney 850-293-6818

2018 Dorsey LB35-33CS Lowboy Trailer

2018 Dorsey LB35-33CS Lowboy Trailer. This lowboy trailer has a 35 ton capacity with an overall length of 45’ and an overall width of 8’6″. The deck length is 26’ and the deck height is 33” Loaded. It has an apitong wood deck flooring-1.5” covering entire deck. The mainbeams are 16″with a fabricated I-Beam with Positive Camber, and the side rails are 12” Fabricated I-Beams  with positive camber. The  Gooseneck is a flat wood deck w/ 21 degree slope. It has Steel & Traction Bars, King Pin: Setting- 18”, 5/16 plate, 84” swing radius, height 48”. Dovetail 4’ Steel with Check Plate & Traction Bars, Loading Ramp Hydraulic- 96” x 36” – Wood Filled, Landing Gear 2-speed – 50,000 lbs, D-Ring 16, Tool Box in Gooseneck, Axle (2) 25,000 lb. capacity with 49” Axle Spacings, Auto Slack, ABS, Supsension Hutchens- 3 Point, 4 Spring- 56,000 lb Capacity, Wheels Disc- Hub Piloted, Tires 235/75R 17.5, Parking Brakes Type 30/30 Spring Brakes – 2 Axle, Wiring DOT Sealed Wiring Harness, Lights LED Pkg- Sealed Lights Rubber Mounted.***$34,770. Includes Federal Excise Tax*** Call David Raney 850-293-6818

2006 53′ Great Dane Reefer Trailer

2006 53′ Great Dane Reefer Trailer with Carrier Ultima XTC Refrigeration Unit in Excellent Condition. Closed Tandem Axle, Sliding Axle, Air Ride, Duct Floors, Kemlite Lining, Overhead Vent Duct in Good Condition, Rear Stainless Steel Doors. Call David Raney 850-293-6818

2018 Dorsey CW45 45ft Walking Floor Trailer

2018 Dorsey CW45 45ft  Walking Floor Trailer with 4000 Series Hallco Walking Floor System. This live floor trailer has an empty weight of 13,120 lbs. It’s composition includes a  36″ King Pin setting, 90″ Swing clearance, 2 speed landing gear, Hutchens tandem spring ride suspension, Type 30 Brake chambers, auto-slacks, ABS Brakes, 49″ axle spacing, Steel Nose Ladder, Heavy duty dry van style rear doors, extruded aluminum side posts on 12′ centers, Heavy duty lower aluminum rails, and Heavy Duty 3′ X 4″ push bumper standard. The Dorsey CW45 has a Shur-Co Solid lock and roll tarp system with Shur-lock Tarp. It has a sealed wiring harness with a LED light package. It has a black corrosion resistant Valspar undercoating. The price is $49,970 which includes Federal Excise Tax. Please Call David Raney 850-293-6818

2017 Eager Beaver 55 Ton Self-Lifting Detachable Lowboy

2000 Dorsey Dry Van Trailer, 53 x 102″