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Heavy Duty Trucks For Sale

At Truck and Trailer Sale, you can easily get heavy duty trucks for sale in Florida. All heavy duty ones differ from each other; even the quality is different, which further affects the value of the same.

Firstly, let us know whether you need a used truck or a new truck. Being a reputed dealer, we offer both of them and the condition of our trucks is always good. There’s no doubt that new ones last longer than used ones, but if you wish to save some bucks, opt for our used ones. Inform us about your proposed budget and needs and we will cater to you accordingly.

Also consider our pricing plans if you intend to buy these heavy duty trucks. We have affordable ones as well as expensive ones; do a thorough comparison of prices with different dealers & you will surely return to us, thanks to our budget friendly plans. The parts in our trucks are premium and so, you can be guaranteed of top-notch quality being delivered to you. the parts i.e. rear, cabs and seats are sourced from reputed manufacturers and are branded; leave all worries to us and enjoy a good shopping experience.

2006 International Eagle 9400i

2002 Mack DM